360º Printing Company

We offer a full service package to the customer, from pre-printing to finishing.

International Dimension

We export to several markets: France, Spain, UK, Russia, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Czech Republic, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Angola…


We have more than 130 employees.

Output Capacity

We produce more than 35.000 books every day.



About Us

With more than 40 years, we are a leading company in the graphic arts market, oriented towards customer satisfaction and design of tailor-made creative solutions.

Thanks to an integrated service, which covers all product areas, we guarantee customized and professional follow-up throughout the entire process, combined with the growing concern with environmental impact reduction, we are acknowledged in the sector as a reference of rigour and quality.


We want to be a worldwide reference in the sector, in order to ensure a diversified and effective response to the growing needs of the markets in which we operate.


  • Trust. An independent, sound and competitive company.
  • We are recognized for the superior quality of our services and final product, whilst preserving the environment and the community that we are part of.
  • We have professional and motivated staff, cohesive and responsible teams that work uninterruptedly, 24 hours a day, whilst ensuring promptly that delivery deadlines are fulfilled.
  • Our commitment to technological improvement is permanent, seeking innovative solutions and team training.
  • Driving force behind the growth of a company made by and for people, our success lies in the balance between individual responsibility and team work.
  • We believe in dialogue, clear and effective communication with customers, partners and staff and in a well defined competence structure.


What We Do









On the leading edge of technological modernity in all process areas – pre-printing, printing and finishing

State-of-the-art machinery allows Printer to have an installed output capacity over 10 million units/year, working for demanding customers across national and international borders.



Printer Portuguesa produces books, magazines, brochures and catalogues in addition to its regular printing offer.

We produce general literature books, children and youth books as well as school handbooks. Our books are single or multi-colour (2 or 4 colours), hardbound books, soft cover (brochures), glued or stapled and “flexi cover”, as flexible cover is commercially known , with the possibility of a refined embossed finish, which adds real value to covers and book jackets.



Since 2013 Printer has been focusing on the implementation of its Management System in order to improve its performance.

A company seeking certification does not fear to commit to demanding challenges and to invest in the future. It does not restrict itself to complying with norms established by law: it has more ambitious targets, it is more demanding, it is more rigorous.


Certificação de Qualidade



Certificação Ambiental





Printer Portuguesa

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